Sue Elbury

Hi Stef I have just been chatting with my niece, Kristy Hollow, and she told me that she has been in contact with you via Facebook. She loves your book (Practice Strategies That Cause Musical Imporvement), and she can’t wait for the second one!! It’s good to know that another member of my family is […]

Jill Weeks

Hi Stephanie, I have to say first up, that I am a huge fan. Your book “Move Closer, Stay Longer” was one of those rare life changers for me. Without it, I would have given up horses forever, and I would have missed so much. So I really want to thank you for that. I […]


Hi Stephanie NSAA Convention Sunday. Just when I thought we were destined for a world of ‘fast food’ learning and speaking you pop back in the headlights to shine a light on the question of intellectual rigour. Sigh of relief. Note to self – rethink how I train. Revisit my love of learning itself. Thanks […]

Steve Major

Hi, I was at NSAA conference and particularly enjoyed your presentation on Sunday. Thank you


Hi, still count you as one of the inspiring people I have met in my life. Your teaching has resulted in many changes and interests, so your impact has been HUGE. Would have liked to catch up in your Sydney seminar, but it couldn’t be. Will keep on checking your site for other opportunities. Hope […]