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Book Cover The Dangerous Cultural Messages about Getting Older by Dr Stephanie Burns

The Dangerous Cultural Messages about Getting Older

Perhaps it is time we stopped blaming our age. Not everything is about ageing.

Move Closer Stay Longer

This is a story about fear, when it’s fear that sits between you and what you want to achieve. The strategies and underlying theory is embedded in Stephanie Burns’ adventures learning how to play with and ride horses.

the beginner years dr stephanie burns

The Beginner Years

What all the greatest players have in common is that they survived being a beginner.

Great Lies We Live By

This book teaches adults to free themselves from negative thoughts and empowers them to live lives that they enjoy.

Practice Strategies that Cause Musical Improvement

If you practice frequently and consistently, your musical skills should rightly be improving. If not, this is about HOW you are practising and NOT about who you are.

Artistry In Training

Training and professional communication is a skill and art that develops over time, as life-experiences and knowledge influence the trainer’s or leader’s perceptions and behaviour.

Strategies for Learning & Memorising New Tunes

Learning and memorising new tunes should not be difficult or frustrating, regardless of age, or playing ability. It’s only hard if you have never been taught to do this effectively.