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Book Cover The Dangerous Cultural Messages about Getting Older by Dr Stephanie Burns

The Dangerous Cultural Messages about Getting Older

Perhaps it is time we stopped blaming our age. Not everything is about ageing.

Perhaps it is time we STOPPED BLAMING OUR AGE.

Not everything is about aging.

This book will take you down a path of exploring, what is a significantly bad feature of the world we occupy: The negative messages we are surrounded by about aging. Messages that can seep in, take root and solidify. They tell us that there is nothing we can do, which then causes us to begin to either fear, or be resigned to, a bad old age.
It is difficult to find anyone that is not being infected by these messages. While some people come to know better and rebuff them, many others do not. This latter group, anchored to unquestioned beliefs about what is possible as we age, can find themselves living with the debilitating effects.

The book is well-grounded in the human development sciences, brought to life in easy to digest true stories, giving you a path to re-evaluate what you hold to be true, such that you can build up a new set of beliefs based upon evidence from your own life.

And THEN, should YOU choose to do things now, or in the near future, for the best benefit of the quality of your later years, this book has the strategies: For overcoming procrastination, keeping your mind open to possibilities, for understanding why you fail to persist in some environments, what to do if you just can’t decide what to do, why motivation and excitement fail to keep us going and and and. This is Stephanie Burns’ world of goal achievement and persistence strategies.

This book is NOT about getting motivated. It is NOT about willpower. It is NOT about simply thinking positively. What it is about, is your ability to walk a legitimate path to real change.