My Interviews

Here are some time tested interviews. You will be notified when more have been added.

Stuart G Peters interviews Stephanie Burns

In mid-2020, with much of the world in lock down, I was approached to create a podcast for Up To The Line. In this podcast I talk about what caused me to shift my career into the field of music.

The Nature Of Goal Achievement

This recording is an interview by Sharon Whiteman of Mannatech. I had known Sharon for nearly 20 years when she requested an interview on the research and findings that emerged during my Ph.D. studies, specifically focusing on the nature of goal pursuits and to explore why procrastination and avoidance are so common in adults learners.

Dr Stephanie Burns interviewed on Learning to Learn

In this interview I discuss the deep rooted history which helped shape the program that is ‘Learning to Learn’ (or ‘Managing Information Overload’ if you are in a corporate setting).

Allan Parker interviewed about Dr Stephanie Burns and Learning to Learn

Allan Parker OAM shares his own personal journey on reading and comprehension and how attending Learning to Learn many years ago changed his life. In one weekend he was able to increase his reading speed from 110wpm to 1200wpm.

Interview with Marvin Oka: mBit and learning

This was one fun interview with my old mate and Discovery Camp teaching partner, and his business partner Grant. The guys have written an intriguing book on the nature of the 3 brains (head, heart and gut).

Craig Browne interviews Stephanie Burns

In July 2013 I received a call from Craig Browne, old colleague and founder of the CSS Communication System, asking if I’d be interviewed on my use of the CCS Cards in both my face to face and online courses.