Hi Stephanie, I have to say first up, that I am a huge fan. Your book “Move Closer, Stay Longer” was one of those rare life changers for me. Without it, I would have given up horses forever, and I would have missed so much. So I really want to thank you for that. I sell riding clothes online, and most of my clients are women coming back to horses after a long break, and I hear so much about fear and how it affects their enjoyment of the horses in their lives. I often recommend your book, and I would love to be an outlet for it. These women often have no confidence and I really can relate. I went from taking on all the horses that nobody else would ride, to standing next to my horse in tears because I so badly want to ride but I just could not make myself get on. I started with my beautiful (non horsey) partner getting me into the saddle and leading me around. Today I am fully riding again. I would love to distribute your book to those that need it.