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Move Closer Stay Longer

This is a true story of Stephanie Burns’ adventures learning how to play with and ride horses. This is a story about fear.

Move Closer Stay Longer is relevant whether the issue is fear, or frustration, or confusion – any negative emotion that is standing in the way of you achieving the goals you want. It is also relevant whether the fear has to do with horses, asking for a raise, or sailing a boat!

Move Closer Stay Longer was a difficult book to write and was nearly 2 years in the making. I just could not get it right until I had genuinely experienced the use of the strategy and was advancing steadily toward my Pareill Natural Horsemanship goals. It was very frustrating.

Move Closer Stay Longer takes you right into the heart of my life, my goals and failings! It is brutally honest and very personal account of my experience into fear and through it. Some of the stories are hilarious, making the real educational content of the book memorable. It seems hundreds of us have had similar experiences! It will draw you right into your own experience.

The first section of the book focuses on developing for you an accurate understanding of the phenomenon of fear and other negative emotions. Most people have a day-to-day theory about emotions that may be all that is needed for navigating some of life’s events, but not good enough to sort out the real challenges when it comes to goals. I feel everyone needs and deserves and understanding of emotions based on good research. That was my job and one I am uniquely qualified to do. At the end of this section you will know a lot about fear. What it is, what is it’s true function and why it affects human behaviour the way it does?

The second section is a practical guide that takes you step-by-step through a process of discovery about your fears, whether they are horsemanship related or other, and then teaches you a bravery strategy that enables you to get on with advancing toward your goal. Then, using the same strategy as a learning strategy accelerates your rate of advancement beyond anything you might be doing now.

The third and final section of Move Closer Stay Longer gives you the best motivation strategies you will find anywhere in education. The reason I included these was because to do the practical section of the book and use the strategy taught you HAVE to take action – doing a little something on a regular basis. I know from years of experience teaching goal achievement and motivation that this is NOT achievable for most adults.

To have not included these motivation strategies in this particular book would have been a real disservice. It is not fair to offer someone help knowing full well they will likely fail anyway. I cannot think of anything worse an educator might do. So, the strategies I used to keep getting out there are in this book and they do work!

My goal for you in this book is that you are able to move forward no matter how long or deeply you have been stuck and one day you wake up to realise that you have forgotten that you were ever afraid. I hope too you have a few good laughs along the way.

I have, you can.