Thank you, Stephanie, after your seminar and appearance at WIMWA I have a renewed enthusiasm.
I would wake up every day tired and drag myself to work, now I’m waking up with new interest, finding there are not enough hours in the day and a thirst for learning and helping others.
I had dedicated myself to raising my beautiful family. I am so proud of them, but I felt I had put my desires on hold for years and I hungered to rediscover myself and it was time for my family to walk their own paths.
I have a new drive to try anything and I’m taking on new challenges out of my comfort zone. I do fail often and question myself but take lessons from each moment and keep moving forward. I would not have it any other way and love the feeling of fulfilment.
It’s funny how you can hear the simplest thing and with just a few words it can change your whole perceptive on life, this has occurred with me in recent months.
I have now joined The Smith Family Toy and Book Appeal for Christmas 2019 and applied to volunteer for the itrack online mentor programme 2020 and looking forward to see where the future takes me.
Thanks again, you are an amazing women.