My Horse Bites

By Pat Parelli (annoted by Stephanie burns, Ph.D.) For all trainers, teachers, managers, parents! Oh, and all dog, parrot and horse owners (you know, those pets with attitude!). Your horse bites, well my students bite too…What we ‘do’ and ‘say’ creates behavioural responses in those around us. Now, that sounds obvious, but how many times do we continue to encounter the same less than useful behaviour in our students, pets and family members. Behaviour is behaviour. And, the beauty is that we can learn from the master teachers regardless of which species their craft applied. For that reason, I follow with great interest the work of Pat Parelli. This in spite of the fact I know next to nothing about horses. What you will find here is the second of Pat’s written pieces I chose to help you reflect on your skills as an educator, manager or coach.

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