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by Stephanie Burns, PhD

The Emotional Experience of the Adult Learner is Stephanie Burns' PhD thesis. It contains the research, analysis, literature review and findings that underpin the original Goal Achievers Program and today's Leadership Labyrinth on-line learning course.


This is an excellent piece of work for anyone wanting to know more about emotions and feelings as a source of information informing decisions, achievement and the experience of learning. Certainly for anyone who has read Goleman's book on Emotional Intelligence, or who follow the work of emotion theory researchers, such as, LeDoux, Damasio, Frijda, Lazarus and many more. There are more than 150 references provided in the appendix.

Although the work conforms to the structure of a thesis, it was written to be read not only by the examiners and other researchers, but also by corporate trainers, teachers, coaches and managers not in the academic community.

Length: 257 pages, pdf format eBook

Cost: $27.00



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