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Learn Guitar NOW!

by Stephanie Burns

NOTE: This eBook can be still be purchased separately on the order form, but be aware that it is included FREELY with the Learning To Learn Guitar DVD program.

Human beings are in LOVE with the IDEA of doing interesting and challenging things they see other people doing. Whether it is playing a sport, painting or cooking. Fantasies fuel their imagination and the idea they have of themselves in some possible future. This fantasizing is so powerful that it can and often does drive their actions to START the process of learning. It causes them to buy books and equipment and to attend classes.






Playing the guitar is a great adventure. It can be as wild as a swashbuckling sword fight on the deck of the Jolly Roger, or as sweet and enticing as making a good chef's chocolate soufflé. It is an experience that involves your body, your mind and your emotions. To play as an adult you will play as a child. You will not take yourself so seriously. You will wear cool clothes even if only in your imagination. You will rock or swoon whichever fits your idea of playing. 

The reality is that today there are few teachers or learning processes that can bring your fantasy into reality. There are a lot of disillusioned guitar students in the world with sad guitars - gathering dust in closets, shoved under the kid's bed with crayon drawings scarring their surface, with four remaining strings instead of six. Neglected, they aren't played. The dream of learning to play was dashed by poor teaching. Books and music have been crumpled up in frustration, the student not knowing that they can learn how to learn to play me. 

International Learning Expert, Dr Stephanie Burns, reveals master strategies that thousands of students have learnt to quickly jump from one chord to another and learn any song on guitar in no time flat (even if you've never played before in your life)

In this new eBook, Stephanie will:

  • Show you how to write your own songs!
  • Learn ANY music… fast!
  • Make the guitar learning process fun, fun, fun!
  • Keep you motivated so you continually improve your guitar playing skills!
  • Develop a strong guitar playing foundation!
  • Acquire lightning fast speed switching chords!
  • Learn how to play chords by strumming!

In this new eBook, Stephanie offers anyone just starting out or struggling with their guitar lessons fantastic insights on how to better manage the process and fast-track themselves to success!

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In addition, you will learn:

  • The six essential skills you must need to play guitar
  • How to play chords without looking at your guitar
  • The easiest way to get comfortable holding a guitar in your hand
  • The one essential thing you must do before playing guitar (page 28)
  • If you're a left handed player, what you 'must have' in order to advance quickly (page 35)
  • The correct posture for playing guitar (page 36)
  • How to keep yourself motivated each and every day (a surefire way guaranteed to ensure you keep on track) page 54
  • Where to put your fingers to play individual notes (page 59)
  • The REAL reason for your left thumb and its role in getting you to play guitar quickly (page 61)
  • The correct way to hold a pick (page 62)
  • An easy (and proven) way to install new chords without looking at your guitar (chords are the heart of playing any song. Learn the secret to installing them and you'll fulfill your every music fantasy!) (page 67)
  • The formula for programming new chords in your mind and keeping the new behaviour forever, just like riding a bike! (Page 77)
  • A potent way to keep your enthusiasm high with ANY practice session whatsoever! (Page 81)
  • An unusual thing you should do during each session in order to keep your motivation high (virtually every new beginner fails to do this and loses interest within days. Don't let it happen to you!) (Page 82)
  • The exact length your practice sessions should be (break this rule and you'll actually learn at a slower rate) (Page 83)
  • The perfect place to practice on your guitar (it's not where you think) (Page 84)
  • A quick, easy and fun way to learn how to co-ordinate your left and right hands on the guitar! (Page 86)

How Stephanie Burns came to teach Guitar
Originally trained as a computer engineer, Stephanie Burns was one of the first to design and teach the practical applications of computers, working at first with the US Army and then consulting with NASA, ABC-TV and others.

In 1983, she began research into the subject of learning and in the process was introduced to some of the best thinkers in the areas of education and human behaviour. During this time she was a trainer for the Supercamp program in the US teaching learning strategies to teenagers. She also developed her Learning to Learn program which she taught to over 10,000 people.|






Using the insights she obtained during these years, Stephanie wanted to see if she could successfully apply her discoveries to learning to play a musical instrument. At first, she was the guinea pig for her experiments and applied the new strategies to learning to play the piano. The result? She achieved 6 years of traditional study in 6 months and performed in her first recital! Given however she would only teach 40+ people in a room at any one time, the logistics of getting 40+ pianos in a room each week was difficult.

Stephanie therefore switched her focus from piano… to… guitar. At this point she had NEVER played guitar herself. So, she had to teach herself in the process. Dr. Burns decided to duplicate her methodology and create a truly unique (and effective) method ANYBODY can use to learn how to play guitar.

It is this diverse range of experience… in a teaching environment… that makes Dr Burns' such a gifted guitar teacher. Keep in mind, just because somebody is a great guitar player, does NOT mean they are a great teacher! Don't be impressed by other so called 'guitar experts' when they tell you about their playing history. That doesn't mean anything! What you need to know about is their teaching ability.

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