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by Dr. Stephanie Burns


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Great Lies We Live By is now available in print, kindle and downloadable .pdf versions

Length: 100 pages

Print and kindle versions are available from Amazon with this link.

Cost: US$21.95

Downloadable digital .pdf of the book can be ordered with this link.

Cost: A$21.95

Great Lies We Live By is the story of the hidden lessons we learned in school, and how those lessons may be affecting the choices we make now as adults. Great Lies is read widely by parents, teachers, students and business men and women. It is a book for anyone who wants an honest shot at re-evaluating the experiences and lessons from the days in the classroom, and who wish to develop new strategies for learning and managing information.

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The Great Lies

Lie #1 I am stupid

Lie #2 I am a failure

Lie #3 I need talent

Lie #4 Learning just happens

Lie #5 I am not bothered by what other people think

Lie #6 Concentrating on mistakes is how you learn

Lie #7 We all learn the same way


The Essential Lessons

Lesson #1 You always were okay

Lesson #2 Choosing the right path

Lesson #3 What you think is what you'll get

Lesson #4 Beliefs are a choice

Lesson #5 Learning finer levels of distinctions

Lesson #6 How to eat an elephant

Lesson #7 Feelings are not facts

Lesson #8 If you can't remember it, you didn't learn it

Lesson #9 The art of taking notes

Lesson #10 The importance of words

Lesson #11 Being great is a choice

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