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The NEW CCS Self Discovery Tool contains one pack of CCS cards and a mini-booklet. I personally wrote to support your use of the CCS system for goal achievement, decision making and to improve your thinking about personal and professional issues. I always have a set of cards on my desk and use them nearly everyday for some thinking task at hand.

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Compatibility Communication System

created by Craig Browne of CCS Corporation


I am an avid supporter of the Compatibility Communication System, or CCS. Since being introduced to the product in 1999 I have use them to assist in creating quality communication amongst participants in both my face to face and on-line learning courses.

They are a brilliant addition to any trainer, manager or coaches toolbox when the quality of communication affects your outcomes.

You can easily learn the power of this communication system by using it for your own self-discovery and in one on one communication situations. From there, you can expand to use the product with both small and large groups. There are excellent resources available from CCS for users of the product.



For information about all of the CCS products and to purchase the complete system please visit the CCS website



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