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This website was created by Dr. Stephanie Burns to allow her colleagues, students, friends and other interested parties easy access to her work and the work of others in related fields. There is a great deal of information available on this website and it has been organised to provide fast access for those who need it, and slow absorption and amusement for those listening to a slower beat on the drum.

The names for the various content areas on the site are listed in the right margin of the homepage (if you entered the site with them activated). However, if you are new to the site you might need richer descriptions to help you know what everything is. On this page you find those descriptions for the items in the office.

Enjoy what you find here.



Many visitors come to this website to read articles written by Stephanie Burns and other contributors. Articles on this site relate to the topics of

On-line Teaching
Learning Strategies
Training and Communication

Goal Achievement

Roll your cursor over the logo on the plasma screen. Each quadrant is active. The orange quadrant accesses the index to the articles stored on the computer.

On-line learning courses and design services

The main focus of Stephanie Burns' work today is the application of the on-line teaching methods she has developed over these past several years. She and her team are involved in exciting on-line course designs for both her own content and for clients. You can learn about this work and how to access these services here. To look at some of these exciting projects and learn about this new teaching phenomenon use the crystal ball.

Stephanie is now preparing to teach on-line course design to students and clients starting in the 2nd half of 2003. Early descriptive information can be found here now.

You can also quickly learn about and enrol in Stephanie's personal on-line courses, such as, the Leadership Labyrinth via this icon.

Latest news and calendar of upcoming events

If you are looking for what's new, use the newspaper. It is updated regularly.

Those of you on the notification list receive significant news via email.

Stephanie's Books and Products You can quickly learn about and purchase books, videos and other products created by Stephanie Burns via the Kiosk on the shelf.

Biographical information If you have been sent to this website by someone else and want to know more about Dr. Stephanie Burns and her work then you can read several biographical pieces that have been stored on the site.

The blue quadrant of the logo on the plasma screen has been dedicated to a series of biographical pieces related to the work of Dr. Stephanie Burns.

Helen Hall's On-line Learning Health Site

Stephanie's access to quality information is renowned. In her commitment to contributing to the health of those she comes in contact with she supports the work of Helen Hall, MEd. The swiss ball is a link to Helen's site where excellent articles, free programs and help are available.

Helen has developed an on-line health program using Stephanie's on-line teaching methods. It is a 6 week course and has the highest completion rate of any on-line course in Stephanie's suite of courses.

Stephanie's recommendation Over the years certain people, places, books and other miscellany have come to be meaningful to Stephanie in conversations with her students. The books and items she recommends are listed here.

Athletics and
other personal news
Stephanie continues to update her visitors on her sometimes wild and whacky learning projects!


Like any good site there is technical help available and the ability to communicate.

If you need help please use the phone.


We have learned that visitors need three types of communication options while they are using the site. From time to time visitors want to write to Stephanie directly. When first visiting the site many people want to introduce themselves to Stephanie and learn about the other people who are using the site. Lastly, almost all visitors want to have their email address placed on the list for notifications that go out related to changes and modifications on this site.

All three of these communication features are available via the keyboard on the table.


The yellow quandrant of the logo is dedicated to search functions.

Over time you may use this site to simply seek information on a specific topic or you may want to quickly search the web for associated information. Several search engines have been provided for different functions.

Navigation Options

When you arrived at the site you were given two options upon entering the office.

If you selected "open the site with help" you will see text descriptions in the margin to the right of the office image.

If you selected "no help needed" you only see the office.

There are two methods of accessing all areas of the website. One by clicking on the appropriate icon in the office. You will get to know these with frequent use. The other by clicking on the text description listed to the right margin if you asked for this help to be loaded.


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