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We did it! Welcome to the new virtual office.

A great deal has happened since 1999 when all this began. I have become much more clever about how to use the tools of technology to communicate effectively and facilitate learning. What was a part time self-funded research effort has become the main focus of all my work today. Personally I moved from a city-type environment with water views of the harbour to a rural property with views of my horses. It was time for a change in my virtual world too. One that reflects the learning I have done and the changes I made over these past few years.

If you were never a visitor to the original virtual office and this is all new to you then please skip down and read the brief history below before you enter the site for the first time. It provides a bit of context for what you are about to experience. Then follow the tips for new visitors at the bottom of the page. It will help you make your first step into the environment an effective one. I will see you inside.

For the rest of you .. let's get a wiggle on. You have 2 ways to enter the office from the crystal ball in the field. The button in the top row of buttons will take you into the new office and at the same time enable the right margin menu. The menu will help you to learn where everything is in the office and I'd suggest you start with the menu activated. When you are comfortable in the office then you can enter without the menu by using the far right button in the top row. When you roll your cursor over that button it'll turn red. When it does, click your mouse.

Remember, it's a new site you have not loaded into your browser before. Give the pages a minute to load the first time.

When you first get into the office you might have a glance at the orientation page if you have a minute. You will learn most quickly to get around the new place from that page. Then, you might take a look at the crystal ball on the shelf. There is new information on the designs I am doing found within it. The articles are in the computer now and all have been updated!

Well, what do you reckon? Time to turn out the lights on the old place and move on?
I think so and I am ready to invite you into the new office.


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Here's a bit of history you might appreciate if this your first exposure to this work

Since August of 1999 I have been tackling some of the difficult problems related to using technology as a method for facilitating adult learning. Since then I have completed many research projects each designed to advance the development information-delivery and teaching methods for use in technology-based learning.

My team and I have made great strides in understanding this new phenomenon. Much of the work over this past 18 months has been focused on teaching what has been learned to others.

These projects began with the construction of a unique on-line newsletter that contained both articles and status reports on major projects surrounding my work. The first of those newsletters went 'live' in December 1999. The intention of these first newsletters was to test a unique style of writing and method of delivering educational content to a broad audience. We needed first to discover how to hold a on-line readers attention for long enough to delivery quality information on a topic. We also needed to discover how to generate the states of mind needed to self-motivate a return the newsletter in the future.

In each issue of the newsletter it was suggested that I was constructing an virtual on-line office. This idea started innocently with the image of a construction site on the homepage used as an index to the first newsletter. We (the thousand or more visitors and my colleagues) then began to search for a suitable front door to the virtual office in the next two issues. Many images of "doors" were received in my office. Finally a suitable office was found and the packing boxes were delivered to the empty virtual office in July 2000.

The boxes were unpacked on the night of the Opening Ceremony for the 2000 Olympic games and I sent a note to all the visitors on the email notification list that they were welcome to use the office for their own learning process.

The original office environment was very intuitive and everyone seemed to find their way around quite easily.

For your first visit you will find the following tips useful.

1. To enter the office the first time I'd suggest you use the button. Accessing the site this way will enable a menu of features to appear on the right side of the office image. These text links are descriptive and will help you learn about the items in the office for your first few visits.

To go to any area of the website you can either click the item in the office or the related text link.

2. Once you know where everything is you may wish to view only the virtual office. You can do that by selecting the button in the top row on the far right. Rolling your cursor over that button turns it red so you will remember this feature in the future. Accessing the site via this path removes the right margin menu and makes the image of the office fill more of your screen.

If you use this path you will use the items in the office to access the various areas within the site.

3. It is absolutely worth going visiting the orientation page on your first (or second or third) visit. It is very graphic and will explain the items in the room in more detail. You will learn about all the features of the site and begin to make the mental connection to the items in the office.

There you go, wipe your feet, click the button and make yourself at home. You are more than welcome as my guest.



Stephanie A. Burns

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