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November 2012


Hey everyone .. yes, I am still head down on my guitar studies. I have 8 months to go until I complete the Masters in Guitar from Berklee College of Music .. BUT there is a lot going on!

The Facebook Business page I built is going well. So far it is manageable and it is serving a good purpose. I have new work coming out for all the diverse communities I have been working with over the years, and I have a lot of existing work to point new students toward. The website will remain as is, and soon (say 6 months) it is going to be rebuilt. For now, Facebook will point to all the work I have on the Internet.

I would love for any of you who follow me here to have a look at the page. There is new work in the Webinars and Interviews for you to access. I would also love to see a note from you there. As always all other forms of communication with me you have are still operating. I appreciate any support in this next step. Here's the link:


Visit my Facebook page StephanieBurnsHQ


For more personal news please visit the personal news page.

More soon, Stef

PS: Sorry, there is still no plan to restart the online learning courses. I am still doing what I can to advise companies in their own design efforts.




For the past many months I have been working with a team at Cisco Systems in the development of a series of Webinars aimed are learning strategies for adult learners. There are 6 Webinars in the series and it is a concise Learning To Learn program.

The Webinars will launch in September. These Webinars can be viewed by anyone, anywhere in the world. You will simply register at Cisco and login. In September I will be sending out another broadcast email to everyone on the list with the links. So if you are not on the Notification list please do add your email address.

I also produced 2 early Webinars with two of Cisco's top teachers. These you can view now. Here's the link to the home page where you will find both events.

Cisco Learning Network

The register link is on the top of the page. You just need your email address, and you will not be sent anything from Cisco. These are resources to all students. I hope you enjoy the return of this work in a whole new media!!


Yes, I am heading to FACEBOOK!

I knew there would be a day when FaceBook as a media found a fit with my work. With Cisco going live soon and all manner of new people wanting to access the work I have online, FaceBook made sense. I have had a professional site built and it will go live at the time of the Cisco Webinar launch. Again, in September I will send a broadcast email and the link will be given then, plus you will find it on the Cisco Webinar description pages.

Wish me luck!!!

SCOTT RICHARDSON is back onboard

Those of you who know my Website and online course designs well, watching them develop over the years will have been exposed to Scottie's work. He was artist for all of the work on all the sites. Today, he is a webmaster and designer. Doing great work. With all the new stuff coming down the pipe in my world, I have reconnected with Scottie. We are getting stuff behind the scenes done and talking about a new site to be developed.

If anyone is looking for a great consistent webmaster/designer I would highly recommend you check out Scott's services at Ulladulla Design.


SUPERCAMP was a great success and has schedule another round of programs for 2013

For teens of all ages!

After an incredibly successful production of the Supercamp program for senior teens, it looks like Supercamp will become part of the Australian educational landscape!

All of you who know me from various courses over the past 25 years, know the role that teaching at SuperCamp had on my development in the 1980s. I have spoken about that relationship many times and praised them as the best program for teenagers delivered anywhere. I have watched them grow over 30 years and seen their programs offered in new countries along the way.

NOW, all the dots are connected and are here, it looks like maybe to stay!

If you have a child from 12 to 17 that you wished could have done Learning To Learn, or even further back the Discovery Down Under program .. well, this is one better. This is the source of it all, produced by the originators.

It is with all encouragement I ask that you check out what they are doing and consider this opportunity for your children.You can ask for references to talk to parents who children complete the program earlier in the year.

Here's a link to the local website

Supercamp Australia

Artistry in Training, Great Lies We Live By and

Move Closer Stay Longer

are now available in print at Amazon.

The new 2010 edition (you will note the new cover art) is also available at Amazon as a kindle book, and here on my website as a downloadable .pdf.


It has taken a long time to get this done, but it is finished. I revised Move Closer Stay Longer, and new covers have been designed. Now, the books can be accessed at Amazon for those who want print or kindle versions. Of course, they are still available immediately from my products page as downloadable .pdfs.



Learning To Learn Guitar


Read about the program and Questions answered

The program is complete!! In addition to the 9 hours of lessons on the DVDs there are now 20 online lessons to take the students through every learning strategy they will ever need as they develop their guitar playing skills. Of course, they learn these while learning to play. There is a lot to know about the program and you can use the link above to read all about it.

New Articles

I have not yet written any new articles this year having been very occupied with the completion of the Learning To Learn Guitar program. But now that it is complete and I do have some writing revolving around learning strategies I would like to write over the summer. More soon ..

Personal News

has had a light update


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