A funny thing happened when I started to learn to use Voice Recognition

by Dr. Stephanie A. Burns


Title: How to learn to abuse new trek golly gee (How to learn to use technology)

Oh, boy.

I don't know how many of you have been on a steep learning curve surrounding that it Technology, have you noticed how fast everything is moving these days. As a matter of fact I'm sitting here writing this article not what might well honed typing skills but instead with the new dictation software called ViaVoice.

I thought I would write an article about Learning , and what I am learning most about at the moment or applying what I know about Learning to is that this software and technology that I need to use in order to bring this article to you.

Now, let's just look at what it's taken me to learn to use this new software. In the case of voice recognition software I am not the only one who is needed to do some learning. As a matter of fact, I would say that I've had the queasy and of the stack.

One of the things I'm noticing as on using this is software is that I actually don't have a clue what to say. If I were writing the words the idea is, oh yes and remembering to say, would come quite naturally. As a matter of fact I would not need to remember to say, at all I would just need to do a,.

So let's start again.

This is an article on the CHALLENGE of learning not a technology, but instead had used the technology.

I'm sitting here dumps truck about what to say next. As I read what is going on on my screen as I talk I realize that my voice recognition software is having just as much trouble learning as I am.

OK one more time.

This is an article on the challenge of learning. About the challenge of learning how to use New Technology. I have no idea why the voice recognition software the cited to capitalize new technology. Obviously, both I and might software have a fair bit more to learn before we will become sufficiently qualified to speak to you again.



There is no editing of the original document Via Voice created

stephanie dictating to her computer

I need to go on record and say that I am an ardent supporter of this software package and this technology.

I would not want this article, in anyway, to discourage you or make you think that I am less than enthralled it.

When I took a neuropsych class at Stanford University some researchers were at that time working on the problem of voice recognition. It was a very big problem! The mind boggles at what the computer has to be able to do in order to recognise human speech. And, look at what it is doing. Even with minimal training it is getting 85%/90% right.


You've just caught me in the middle of the learning process. This in itself is facinating. As I am learning I am recording the experience so that I can create procedures to help others learn to use this software fast and efficiently. Certainly faster than I am at the moment.



stephanie talking to her computer



Stephanie's little learning talent

I thought I would write an article about the learning process I'm going through trying to master some of the new technology that I need to use in order to write this article.

I am sitting at my desk creating this piece for you using, not might keyboard, but dictation software called ViaVoice. I can assure you we are both on a very sheep burning curve. This is my fourth attempt at any tingle resembling clear tea.

Every time I have a good clear thought it seems the computer misinterprets what I say creating instead of good, the stretch. Just like that. What I said was that the computer create some in stead a good comedy skit. No not skipped.

I believed that if I could dictate some of the articles for the website it would save me a great deal of time. My computer and I have been on a learning curve for the past two weeks.

When I first started we didn't understand each other tall. When I get frustrated I let it think it's right and I don't correct its misinterpretations. Of course, it pays me back by making the more and more mistakes.

This is another problem. Every time I try use dictation software to write an article about something I end up talking about the problems with my dictation software. I am wondering how long this space last. Not no write write the word

I'm wondering now if I can write an article about learning how to use this new technology by actually using this technology.

This is when I'm away too clever for my own good.

I'll give this new technology a few more lessons and that perhaps when I'm less distracted by My and its incompetence I will be able to tell you a bit more about what it is like to learn to use this new technology,.

The end


I am trying to say, "the computer creates instead a good comedy sketch" - notice its first attempt "good , the stretch" for "good comedy sketch".

Now, I know it shouldn't do that,
that is "bad" but it is so funny
that I can hardly breathe
and wonder if I really want it to speak good Stephanie after all.






Sorry, I'm trying to get it to write the word "space" and it keeps putting a space in the text.
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