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To those who know her and her work, Stephanie Burns is something of an icon. For Stephanie Burns has taken a life path few could tread. Devoting her life to achieving a greater understanding of the learning process and what constitutes influential communication, Stephanie's work has not only dispelled the myths that surround these important areas, but has broken new ground in terms of the way we think about learning and communication.

Originally trained as a computer engineer in the US Army, Stephanie Burns started her career as an educator designing and teaching programs on the practical use of computers. Initially consulting for NASA, ABC-TV (America), General Electric and other large US corporates, Stephanie went on to research the subject of learning, working with some of the leading thinkers at that time in the areas of education and human behaviour. During this period, Stephanie also worked as a trainer for the US Supercamp program, teaching her learning strategies to teenagers. Stephanie also developed the "Learning to Learn" program which she has since taught to over 40,000 students throughout Australia and New Zealand.

Stephanie's work in the fields of learning and communication led her to Australia, where she again worked with teenagers in the Discovery Camp programs. Deciding to remain in Australia, Stephanie continued her research into how people learn, combining both practical experience, via the live seminar environment, with formal academic research and study.

In 1994, Stephanie commenced a PhD program with the University of South Australia, focussing on the emotional experience of the adult learner and goal achievement. Stephanie's doctorate was awarded in April of 2000 and the results of her work have created a new understanding and awareness of the experience of adults in goal pursuit.

Stephanie's work has provided an unprecedented insight into why so many otherwise successful adults fail to sustain action when it comes to important goals - goals related to health and fitness, education, relationships etc. This new information forms the basis of Stephanie's work in both the past Goal Achievers Program and the current Labyrinth:Goal Achievement online course.

Since 1999, Stephanie has focused her efforts on the development of teaching methods for producing quality learning via technology. She offers much of her own course material in these forms as demonstrations of the methods in practice. She is also developing a new way of thinking about "environments" suitable to support learners who engage in on-line learning events. Several of these unique environments containing "learning how to learn" content can be viewed via her website.

Stephanie Burns remains unique in her field due to her unquenchable thirst for understanding the how and why of learning. Her energy levels, combined with her knowledge of, and commitment to the learning and communication process, are extraordinary and clearly distinguish her from others in the education arena.




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